The Why Would You? 
Could You? Should You?

Guide to Freedom
via Self Employment.

How to prepare yourself for a new lifestyle, find your idea, brand it, launch it, make the first dollar and become free. Even if you’re skeptical…

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The Desire

You want freedom in your life!
You want all the time you spend working to engage more of who you are and what you’re capable of, and you want flexibility and some control so you can set the priorities of your day and life.
Maybe you’re ready to build your own wealth instead of someone else’s! But you’re ultimately feeling there just must be…there should be…more. More than just putting in your time, working for a paycheck and doing the grind. And self-employment seems enticing.


The Problem

The Problem: Nearly all self-employment guidance focuses on business ‘how-to’ info and the latest strategies. After walking with over 1,000 people pursuing successful self-employment, I can tell you first hand that diving into ‘business’ right away is like running onto the field to play a big game without going to training camp! We’ve skipped right past the core, necessary preparations. This keeps so many people from ever even trying, and is the primary cause of failure for those who do try.


The Solution

Self-employment is a vehicle for freedom in our lives and fulfillment in our work. But it’s a very different lifestyle and reality. To succeed in moving from traditional employment to self-employment (and have a wildly flourishing, sustainable business) we simply need to prep ourselves in three foundational areas:
1 WHO …are you to do something different than the norm?
2 WHY …do you want free agency?
3 WHAT …is an idea that fits you and the marketplace?
Then! …we can efficiently and effectively apply the
4 HOW …to create a Market Conquering Brand!

Who are you to do or want something different?

Addressing your Personal Perspective and Mindset comes first.

Going from traditional employment to self-employment is a big deal. And pursuing your freedom vocationally is very countercultural. You’ll most likely experience an internal, whispering voice questioning, “Hey, who are YOU to be doing something different and bigger?” You may very well have friends and family who feel threatened or “care about you” who voice this out loud!

Also, remember when you left home after highschool and all of the sudden you were the boss of you? Awesome! And then…a little scary. You still had a class schedule to be accountable to. With self-employment there’s nobody telling you what to do. Awesome…and scary.

You have some healthy, new perspectives about yourself and the free agent lifestyle to work through and fully comprehend and adopt to equip and prepare you.

Why do you want free agency?

Establishing a Concrete Motive comes next…

You want to be free! Inspired! Working at something lucrative and meaningful!

You want to make a difference. I understand. You CAN…have those things. But imagine breaking out of prison to breath the fresh air of freedom! Now you’ve got to find your way. Your way to food, shelter, transportation and more. Which means…hard work. If you don’t know some real specifics on why you wanted the freedom, it can get tempting to go back to prison where it may not be great, but it’s easy and known.

In our Academy you’ll do the work to clarify your motives (there must be many) and solidly anchor you to this journey so you’ll persevere when it’s not…easy.

What business idea fits you best?

Now we’re ready to Discover an Individually Relevant Business Idea for you.

So many options, so many experts promoting their business model. Which  is best…which is for you? Should you choose,

> Internet Marketing? > Network Marketing / Direct Sales? > Writing a Book? > Coaching / Consulting? > Service Business? > Franchise? > Product or Service? > Virtual Business or Brick & Mortar?

The answer is…moot. There are new millionaires in every category popping up daily. To know what’s best for you, we need to clarify who you are, what you know, what you can do and what you want. This doesn’t take rocket science, it just takes the right questions to flesh it out from you.

Until then though, again…you’re shooting in the dark for what business know-how to go after and utilize.

Successful free agents aren’t made by finding the right opportunity in the marketplace, but by finding the right opportunity within them.

How can your product or service stand out and succeed in such a busy marketplace?

Market Conquering Branding and Positioning is how.

You don’t have to have a new invention, a million dollar ad campaign (not even $1!), or a one-of-a-kind product, service or message in order to succeed. There is vast opportunity in every marketplace category. Great opportunity!

When…you brand and position yourself to a very targeted market with a specific message. It’s initially counterintuitive and very few people or companies make it priority. Which is OK, it’s what leave the door wide open to us!

How do you choose the right business strategy?

Now, you can take advantage of the best business strategy available that precisely fits you, your business model and your target market. No more guessing and risk and doubt.

In our Academy we provide more in depth courses for Branding, Creating a Business Plan, Marketing and Online Strategy.

But we also align with the best providers out there and are eager to connect you with others. We don’t claim to be the end all for every aspect of business.

We are kings at equipping, birthing and launching successful, life-changing free agents. Ready?

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